Faster. Safer. Cheaper.

  • What We Do

    We use drones to safely clean the exterior of your building.  This allows us to eliminate many of the risks associated with traditional window and facade pressure washing. Gone are the safety and privacy concerns of someone working on the side of your building.  Instead of scaffolding and lifts, we just need to park our equipment near the work area and access to a water supply.
    Our light footprint allows us to effectively wash your building or windows in half the time of traditional methods.

  • How We Do It

    Drone flights are performed by FAA-certified operators and we comply with all local and federal regulations when operating in your area. Our drone is designed to handle different wash payloads. We can adjust the intensity of our spray nozzle to ensure we knock off hard-to-reach dirt. We use the best chemicals available and de-ionized water to ensure a spot-free clean.

  • Who We Are

    This all started as an idea floated between a couple friends to find a better way to wash windows. The intrepid visionary, Dillon Coon, brought us all to the table. He keeps us moving in the right direction to accomplish our mission. Jimmy Nieves, the linchpin, heads up operations and is our first drone operator. Finally, Levi Davis, realist and occasional wet blanket, keeps us grounded in reality.

Safety First!

Unlike companies that use traditional window-cleaning methods, we protect our clients’ liability by keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Our FAA-licensed drone pilots and professional ground crew follow strict protocols to keep themselves, you and your property safe. Flight areas are always blocked off while we perform our cleaning services. Of course, anyone can watch from a safe distance!

Make your finance Team Happy!

Capex vs. Opex

We offer window cleaning subscription options. Want to spread the cost of your exterior cleaning throughout the year? We have options for you. Select a subscription model that will fit your needs.

Drone size Matters.

Meet the workhorse.

Our drone is purpose built to be able to clean facades, windows and roofs. We can fly as high as 150 feet, which covers most buildings in our operating area. Our drone is equipped with enough lift to get the water where you need it. Coupled with our wash station, we leave a spot free shine no matter the task.

Hard-to-reach Locations.

We got you.

Where traditional cleaning is difficult and time-consuming, we shine. Our small footprint allows us to clean your windows, facades and roofs with minimal impact to your busy seasons.